Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Arts @ NIU: Music Professor Earns International Award

(Thank you for this Rich Holly)  The Arts @ NIU: Music Professor Earns International Award: We've just learned that Liam Teague , co-director of the the world-renowned Steel Pan program in the NIU School of Music , has been ...

Monday, 28 October 2013

Sunday, 15 September 2013

"Branford Marsalis: The Problem With Jazz"

I think you guys should check this out! I really enjoyed this article as it certainly outlines the views of a musician from a very "normal" layman point of view, but from a very professional musician.
Thank you Seattle News Weekly, Thank you Branford Marsalis!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Music that moves

Music has a way of moving our spirits. It is an expression that put us in a mood which is normally the composer's/ arranger's intent. Good music can make us cry, laugh, sleep, dance, sing, without even thinking about who is watching and without feeling any guilt or shame towards expressing one's self.

I have been a fan of the PianoGuys to about 2 years and they always bring great, expressive, beautiful music. Upon rising today and experiencing this video inspired me to continue writing music, to continue performing beautiful music to inspire the world and to send a message that there is hope. Life is beautiful, love is beautiful and music has a way of combining the two and put souls and minds at ease to experiencing something so great. It amalgamates the aesthetics of sound, mood and even visual to create an experience so heart warming, so moving that a tear must be shed, or a foot must tap.

Musicians of the world; keep on writing, keep on performing. Continue to bless hearts with your beautiful music and expression.
Listeners of the world; keep on listening, appreciate the role of our musicians and the work they do to put us at ease, make us happy and to keep us human.

Have a great day everyone!
Remember life is beautiful and so is love. The combination of bought is what the world needs. Thank you god for providing so a wonderful rest place for my brothers and sisters of the world.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

About the Music.....

Music is life, a means of expression by the people of the world, for themselves and all who are willing to listen and partake. As a musician, as an avid supporter of music, and lover of the arts, I always aim to express my true feelings through my music. 
As a musician, a person who provides an experience for spectators, we must remember that everyone has a preference, sometimes we are loved, sometimes we are not. Are we supposed to let that frustrate us? Do we condemn these people who, when you think about it, pay us to satisfy them through music? How do we express our true feelings for others to appreciate? What do you think? Be creative!

I believe a musician can choose how he/she wants to be seen by the public and by other musicians. For me, it is either play music for the masses, music that appeals to their taste, something that people can almost touch, a feeling that resonates because it is music that satisfies whatever musical intellect they may have. 
There is a time and place for everything, music to. There is a time where music can be performed in different lights, different styles and appealing to different intellects. As musicians we need to appreciate that, aim to understand the differences and find ways to move between the styles if that is something we are comfortable doing. 

Just a thought...... More coming to you soon! 
To be continued.......

Peace, Love, music.......